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    “Nitin :- Visited For Hair Transplant Surgery”

    I had an amazing experience with dermalife , Dr ga

    “Rohit :- Visited For Hair Transplant Surgery”

    Dermalife doctor and staff are very good and profe

    “Saydur lakoria :- Visited For Hair Transplant Surgery”

    I am from Dhaka. I came for hair transplant surger

    Saydur lakoria
    “Rishab :- Visited For Hair Transplant Surgery”

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    “Puneet Chudhary :- Visited For Hair Transplant Surgery”

    Experienced Dr... Good job... It was a wonderful e

    Puneet chudhary
    “Narendra Kumar :- Visited For Hair Transplant Surgery”

    Very good and nice ambience. Staff and doctor was

    Narendra Kumar
    “Gagan :- Visited For Hair Transplant Surgery”

    Very nice experience and feeling confident after t

    “Mr Raju :- Visited For Hair Transplant Surgery, Hair Loss Treatment”

    My Hair Transplant was done by Dr Gaurav Garg 1 yr

    Mr Raju
    “Sanjeev Kumar :- Visited For Hair Transplant Surgery”

    Experience was good however the outcome after 4 mo

    Sanjeev Kumar
    “Ashish Gulati :- Visited For Hair Transplant Surgery”

    I really liked the staff and doctor. And the servi

    Ashish Gulati
    “Aalim saifi :- Visited For Acne Treatment”

    I have experienced a good progress in my skin cond

    Aalim Saifi
    “Khushi Arora :-Visited For Laser removal treatment”

    I would Like to share my experience with Dermalife

    Khushi Arora

Botox & Fillers

Botox Treatment In Delhi

Botox Treatment in south delhi

BOTOX is a natural, purified protein that helps relaxing wrinkle causing muscles and creates an evened, rejuvenated & more youthful sight.

A non-surgical process that smoothens the deep, stubborn facial lines those develop over the time. The treatment involves few tiny injections & takes less than 10 minutes, relaxing those unwanted lines and keeps them off you for four months. The results are apparently visible within days. BOTOX' temporarily wipe out these lines. BOTOX1"1 is the only botulinum toxin in the world registered for the treatment of frown lines and approved by the US FDA. It has been tried & tested with 12 years of safe & effective use on hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide for various medical uses.

How Botox Treatment Works?

Once the muscle is relaxed injecting botulinum solution, you cannot contract it and continue to make the undesirable facial expression. Thus the lines steadily smoothen out from disuse, and new wrinkles are prevented from forming. Botox will not freeze your face expressions but soften them reducing the effect of visible lines where needed. 6-12 months after the treatment if discontinued, all your lines gradually revert to their original pretreatment appearance. It any which way doesn't worsen your lines afterwards.

BOTOX is widely used to eliminate

  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Horizontal wrinkles on forehead
  • Crow’s feet or smile lines around the eyes
  • Sweat glands to get rid of excessive sweat

It’s also been used to lift up the eyebrows and open up eyes for young sparkling appearance. There have been reported good results in nasolabial lines between the mouth & nose, perioral lines (smokers’ lips), minimizing neck lines and chin dimples and creases.

Botox Treatment in Delhi

Dermalife is one of the best dermatologists clinics in Delhi for botox treatment. Dr Gaurav Garg himself to ensure the best results. Dr Gaurav Garg has performed many botox treatments and has had an excellent record for botox treatment.The Treatment is completely safe and can be complimented with dermal filler treatment for best results. For further information, visit our clinic for botox & ance treatment.

Cost of Botox in Delhi

To find out if Botox might work well for you, please consult our dermatologist Dr Gaurav Garg who is a qualified professional and can judge the optimum treatment to enhance your appearance. The choice is yours to live with wrinkles or revel in smooth younger looking skin. It has helped number of entrepreneurs enhance their appearance, removing their stress lines be it men or women as it is equally effective on both. Money is inconsiderable compared to achieving desired appearance and confidence as its results, but it’s eventually affordable at Dermalife. Rather, to treat your skin better, you can directly call and book an appointment to know the cost of the treatment.


Dermal Fillers

Filler treatment in Delhi

Dermal fillers are used to soften and silhouette lines, wrinkles, and folds. The commonly used dermal fillers are Hyaluronic based solution which is injected into the skin to add volume and create a young appearance. Fillers are an optimal solution for patients wanting to soften deep lines from the mouth to nose area, lip lines, enhance thin lips, and create a more defined lip border and to lift the corners of the mouth. People who dream of finding the fountain of youth in an injection now have a new option. Indulge in cosmetic procedures at Dermalife to gain a younger look. Injectable filler has entered the marketplace aiming to do for the lower face what Botox injections do for the upper facial lines. Get a refreshing look with dermal fillers at Dermalife clinic who have best skin specialist in Delhi.

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